Emanuele Capparelli

(a random recollection of life events)

✓ I survived 32 years (and counting).

✓ I was born in Rome, Italy.

✓ but I moved to Germany, United States, Russia, France, Austria and Thailand for a while.

✓ I have good friends from every continent. But some friends don't trust me because I worked for Americans in Russia.

✓ They say I don't have an accent (I do).

💻 What I do

✓ I develop software companies for a living, currently working on some stealth projects

✓ I studied Space Engineering, and worked to bring people to Mars and other distant places around the Sun.

✓ I am not anymore, but I still watch rocket launch failure compilations from time to time.

✓ I got an MBA and I am now getting a degree of philosophy, because why not?

🗺️ Travel Stories Adventures

✓ I have visited 180+ Earth regions so far (check the cool map here).

✓ My friends know me for my absurd travel stories, like hiking a mountain in Kashmir under a hailstorm, while hallucinating due to malaria pills.

✓ Or scuba diving in the Red Sea, only to get decompression sickness and drive a car into a sand dune in the middle of the Jordanian desert.

✓ Or losing my passport in the middle of China and spending more than a month getting out of there.

✓ Or climbing the side of the Chinese Great Wall with no equipment, Tomb Raider style.

✓ Or backpacking to Iran to sleep under the stars in the hottest desert in the world, the Dash-e-Lut.

✓ Or having a motorbike accident in the jungle of Vietnam, and afterwards driving myself back to the hospital at night for 60 kms.

✓ Unfortunately, this means I have a very bad carbon footprint.

🤓 Stuff I like

✓ I track every movie I watched.

✓ I read tons of comic books (DC, Vertigo, Image, Dark Horse, but never Marvel, never).

✓ And am trying to read every Hugo winner.

✓ I like to sing, and I write songs. Sometimes, I record them. (I published a couple of albums)

✓ I also listen to other peoples' music.

✓ I am obsessed with Orientalism.

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